SpeedText HD

SpeedText HD is a document writting application for handwriting input.

Experience the smooth handwriting notes taking on your iPad.

Write using your finger on the input area and the content will be automatically written to a page 0.5 seconds after you release the finger from the screen. The size of the letters is adjusted within the ruled line so that you can write many sentences on a page.


- Write with your finger

- View a list of created documents

- Send documents as an image or PDF file to Evernote or to a specific email address.

- Three selectable pen sizes and colors (black, red and green).

- Three selectable ruled lines. You can set the ruled line by page.

- Use two fingers to drag on the screen and adjust the place of input area.

- 25 icons, including a space icon, available to be inserted as images on a document. You can search a page or a line by using these icons. You can also convert an icon to a predefined tag when you send a document to Evernote.


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